About My Universe

My Universe!

Everything we do in life is creation, and for me, creating is my life! Travelling around in my trusty steed and adventure pod, Patricia, my nomadic lifestyle leads me on expeditions into the wilds, discovering ancient, sacred sites, castles, forests, natural springs and all the beauty in between.! Having my home, wherever I roam, means I can stay and create energised amulets on the very lands that inspire me. A little bubble, a snapshot of the scenes, ancestry and adventure that surrounds me!

More often, as I travel, I am encountering and tuning in ever more to environmental issues which are threatening our very survival and that of the fragile ecosystems surrounding us. It is my new, evolving mission to raise awareness and educate myself and others of these issues and the plight of our beautiful planet through my art.

EVERY single piece I produce is a one-off, and cover a wide variety of wyrd and wonderful designs from crystal encrusted horn headdresses and dreadlock accessories to treasure jars, snazzy lighters and dream catchers!

My Materials

As far as possible, I use ethically sourced, hand selected crystals collected on my missions. Often, my pieces include feathers, stones, beach glass and bones. No living things are harmed in their harvesting, these are treasures gifted from the Earth! I use an air drying, waterproof epoxy putty to create the designs. Requiring no heat to set the clay means I can use all manner of materials without them being affected. Each, tiny, intricate detail is individually moulded by and set using my fingertips. Not carved, NEVER moulded and NO repeats, EVER! The process can be quite intense, but I love getting lost in the zone..!!