Bee Happy Creations- 'From the HEART' Anahata Amulet

New Bee Happy Creations- 'From the HEART' Anahata Amulet

'From the HEART'

Opening to the light,
Deepest insight.
Feeling the expansion,
Within my earthly mansion.
A glowing heart,
It does impart,
The power of Sahasrar.

The colourful love we hold within our radiant, rainbow beings! It never ceases to amaze me, the magic that happens when I allow myself the time to come back home, to feel my body and calm my mind.

 I have a 'tendancy,' shall we say, towards hyperactivity! Scattering my energy far and wide..! This in turn, has its purpose, but, finding the control to bring it back home, a different level of pure, creative magic begins..!

The love and light activating during a yoga session, beamed me down THIS beautiful vision! Then, the joy just kept on flowing as my fingers transformed it into a tangible, divinely inspired artwork amulet, 'From the HEART!'

An ode to the space held by the Phenomenal Phil of Cannaveda Yoga! I love you, brother!

Next event can be found, and HIGHLY recommend here:

 With high vibrational quartz crystal point, deep green Aventurine cabachon and quartz chakra orbs. Sanskrit 'Anahata' symbology and tiny beings woven within the leaves of growth.. 2 snakes represent the divine masculine and feminine of Kundalini rising.

Dimensions: L:10cm W:3cm D:1.5cm

On adjustable, sliding knot cotton chord.

Bee Happy Creations!!

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