Bee Happy Creations- 'Midnight Water Garden' Trust Amulet

New Out Of Stock Bee Happy Creations- 'Midnight Water Garden' Trust Amulet

'Midnight Water Garden'

The moon shines her light through the darkest night,
Illuminating your garden of perpetual growth.. Look close, do you see?
YOU are more than IT may appear to be..
The water is deep.
Few would realise the turbulance of what lies beneath..
The universe reflects upon smooth and shimmering surface,
That surreptitiously masks the grief.
Still, in duality she provides that point of light,
Where the stars penetrate deep into those that mourn,
It always darkest, just before the dawn..

Good Mourning...

Breathe in, surrender, let it go.
Reconnect with eternal flow...
The void is where the faith is.


The clearest vision of this piece appeared in my minds eye, duringing a breath work practice with the legendary Nathan Gallagher of

The power of the techniques he imparted allowed me to dig deep, acknowledge and process pent up emotions and trauma long overdue a release! The healing continued in the inspired form of creativity, producing an amulet born of trust, faith and DETERMINATION!
Light cannot be without the dark. By acknowledging and welcoming the shadows that ARE part of us, we can learn balance in our Yin and Yang...and live with a deeper acceptance of all that I AM!

With SHIVA EYE shell spiral moon, LAPIS LAZULI water pool and intricate, clay flower and foliage details of the midnight garden.

Dimensions: L:7.5cm W:5cm D:1cm

On adjustable, sliding knot cotton chord.

Bee Happy Creations!!

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