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'Ocean Goddess Mermaid Genie Jar'

Imbibed with watery energies from the Atlantic and South Pacific, the Ocean Genie contains shells fr..

£47.74 Ex Tax: £47.74

Bee Happy Creations- 'Brigid Beckons' Imbolc Amulet

A celebration of spring, and the rising fertility of divine masculine and feminine! Incorporating a..

£63.00 Ex Tax: £63.00

Bee Happy Creations- 'Midnight Water Garden' Trust Amulet

'Midnight Water Garden'The moon shines her light through the darkest night, Illuminating your gard..

£84.84 Ex Tax: £84.84

Bee Happy Creations- 'Baby Imbolc' amulet

Created on Imbolc, the 1st day of spring, the snow falling and celtic tunes playing! Transforming th..

£34.00 Ex Tax: £34.00